Roofing Inspection

A roofing inspection or roof certification inspection is important for any potential home owner to have completed, even if the roof does not appear to have any damage.

As homes age, insurance companies are interested the integrity of the all the roofs components. I will inspect the top and in the attic for leaks and structural issues. South Florida’s weather is unforgiving on roofs.
Mold growth is more than a nuisance–it is a health hazard. If toxic mold is left untreated, it may cause respiratory problems and other health related issues in the people living in the home. South Florida mold inspections are essential if you know your home has had water damage.

The South Florida Roofing Inspection includes:

-Life of the roof assessment
-Areas or signs of weakness
-Areas of deterioration or potential hazard
-Areas in need of immediate repair or replacement
-General functionality and effectiveness of the roofing system

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